Gabriella Ciancimino
Born in 1978 in Palermo (Italy).
Based in in Palermo (Italy).
Furious Love, 2016
Mixed media
Courtesy of the artist and Prometeogallery, Milan
This work hails its name to the famous philosophical piece by Giordano Bruno "De Gli Eroici Furori", known in English as "The Heroic Frenzies". This treatise discusses love as a path to divine knowledge that becomes possible when man overcomes himself and is spiritually reborn. To achieve this one must surrender to heroic frenzy or heroic exaltation, since they are both equally inherent in someone sensually in love and spiritually exhilarated. While ruling the world love elevates nature by bringing harmony and unity into it. Embarking on the heritage of the Renaissance thinker the young artist added ideas from Lebensphilosophie ("philosophy of life"), ideas of the mystical anarchists of the Russian Silver Age, the radicals of the 1960s, and even contemporary ecological and anthropological theories. However her art history reference was mainly art nouveau, so engaged in animism and floral ornament. Moreover the core theme of "Furious Love" that encapsulates the artist's point that nature's force is all-pervading, is embodied by weeds. Indeed, namely weeds are capable of crossing political borders, and often even climate zones and migrate across the planet, always settling, always finding a home. In this case this sheds light on a political aspect important to the artist: by praising the resilience of weeds in the world of nature, she finds their likeness in the world of people – meaning refugees, migrants, vagabonds, prisoners. Certainly, by overcoming borders and obstacles, living in places that seemed unlivable, they prove that the planet belongs to all. In addition, an amazing but probably natural fact: it is mostly these social groups and subcultures at the outskirts of society that love adorning themselves with tattoos dominated by floral ornaments and romantic themes. All these ideas and associations Gabriella Ciancimino tries to condense to one slogan-manifesto written on a wall: "The Resistant Flowers love to resist, the Liberty Flowers resist for love".
artistic director of the project: Viktor Misiano
National Center for Contemporary Arts
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
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