Eli Cortiñas
Born in 1976 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain).
Based in Berlin (Germany).
FIN, 2010
Single channel video, 4:06 min.
Courtesy of the artist, Soy Capitán, Berlin and Waldburger Wouters, Brussels
This work is founded on the combination of two motifs – the image of a romantic couple walking hand-in-hand through a forest, and the French word FIN, "The End" overlaid on the footage. Furthermore, this overlapping was not conceived by the artist, but by François Truffaut: Eli Cortiñas' work borrows the ending of the French director's film "Mississippi Mermaid" (La sirène du Mississippi). Naturally combination of these two motifs creates an uneasiness that is never resolved. The video is looped, immersing us in a never- ending anxious anticipation of an end. The effect of uneasy expectation – suspense, is one of the most distinctive techniques of cinema, and it is widely accepted that its pioneer and undisputed master was Alfred Hitchcock. As a matter of fact Truffaut created the film "Mississippi Mermaid" as a tribute to Hitchcock, although it was dedicated to another great director, Jean Renoir. The film tells a tale of doomed love that quickly turns into loss. The heroine – a mermaid – entices and seduces a man whose love for her only grows as she deceives and abandons him, condemning him to a certain demise. Cortiñas' work is the abridged quintessence not only of this film but of all romantic tradition – that constantly insisted that love is invariably driven by suspense, it is impossible without a constant expectation of its end.
artistic director of the project: Viktor Misiano
National Center for Contemporary Arts
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
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