Ion Grigorescu
Born in 1945 in Bucharest (Romania).
Lives in Bucharest (Romania).
Alecsandri, 1979
Film, 7:05 min.
Courtesy of the artist
Ion Grigorescu's work was formed during a time when Romanian art was ruled by the doctrine of "socialist realism". However when the artist made the note "...reality and I – we are one and the same" in his diary, he did not refer to an adherence to the official aesthetic. He was inclined to interpret reality not in a Marxist, but a phenomenological way. Hereby to him the identification of himself with reality meant that reality is as much as can be mastered with the body. Hence an entire series of the artist's works were dedicated to mastering his motor skills and their possibilities. At the same time it was obvious to him that reality is only what is refracted in individual perceptions and psychologies. Accordingly another series was dedicated to exploring his emotional affects. Therefore it follows that outside his personal experience there was no reality for Grigorescu. As a result many of his works developed from everyday life and were created in the space of his apartment. In fact the name of this piece is an allusion to his home in Bucharest on Vasile Alecsandri street. If reality and the self are one and the same, then reality disappears with the self. So the surrounding world is precious to you to the same degree that your own existence is precious to you. By editing the film together from materials from his family's archive – the footage of his father's anniversary, the artist takes a loving look at a reality that does not exist anymore. In his diaries he left this note: "Recorded memories are capable of surviving life".
artistic director of the project: Viktor Misiano
National Center for Contemporary Arts
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
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