Trauma, memory, oblivion, knowledge
01 December 2017 - 28 January 2018
organised by ROSIZO-NCCA, exhibition venue - Cultural Foundation "Ekaterina"

Trauma, memory, oblivion, knowledge
01 December 2017 - 28 January 2018
Already in the early 20th century it was discovered by psychoanalysts that human personality is constituted through trauma. Not only this theory remained relevant to this day but, moreover, it has been replenished with new theories, clarifications, case studies, and has been absorbed into the arsenals of most varied humanitarian disciplines. Man's intellectual work, his striving to comprehend the world while at the same time coping with its challenges, and the knowledge accumulated as a result of this effort – all this has been born not only thanks to purely rational operations but has been deeply rooted in man's emotional-psychological experience. Since traumas inevitably accompany us throughout our lifetime and stay in our memory they determine the narrative and structural features of our memory. Since our memory of trauma is not only a constituting factor but also a negative one, the wish to con- sign it to oblivion, or a tendency for displacement, to use a term from psychoanalysis, is inseparable from human experience.
01 December 2017 — 28 January 2018
curator: Viktor Misiano
co-curator: Daria Pyrkina
The exhibition "The Haunted House" that features 16 leading international artists is presented in the space of Ekaterina Cultural Foundation and addresses the themes of memory, trauma, oblivion and knowledge. International entry list favours the emergence of a nuanced palette of interpretations to consider the problem of personal and historical memory.
1 and 2 December 2017
Moderators: Alexander Bikbov, Victor Mazin, Helen Petrovsky

An important part of "The Human Condition" project is the symposium "Time and Senses" that reflects on the major worldview issues and proposes the latest overview of discussions in the humanities, involving the leading international thinkers. The symposium unites the efforts of renowned experts – philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists, historians and art critics.

December, 1, 2017, 19:00 – 21:30
Panel 1. Specters of a Neo-liberal City

Moderator – Alexander Bikbov
Ruben Arevshatian (Armenia). The Spectre of Normalization
Khalil Joreige (Lebanon / France). On latency, ghosts and construction of imaginaries in postwar Beirut
Nikolai Lyzlov (Russia). Architecture as "Information Carrier" and "Memory"

December, 2, 2017, 12:00 – 14:00
Panel 2. Memory Trauma and its Aestheticization
Moderator – Victor Mazin
Bracha L. Ettinger (Israel / France). Memory's wound is a space within me
Olesya Turkina (Russia). Trauma and Memory Topos
Deimantas Narkevicius (Lithuania). His-story
Denis Skopin (Russia). Photography and Illusion

December, 2, 2017, 15:30 – 18:00
Panel 3. Cultural Memory and Spectral Communities
Moderator – Helen Petrovsky
Alexander Dobrokhotov (Russia). Anamnesis as the Root Mythologem of Europe
Abigail Solomon-Godeau (USA). Haunting and Archives in the Time of the Now
Hiroki Azuma (Japan). How to live well with ghosts
Oleg Aronson (Russia). The Witness and the Rights of the Dead
5 December 2017 — 30 January 2018
Following the symposium, public lecture and discussion program will unfold during the whole period of the exhibition opening dates.
NCCA, Small Hall, Zoologicheskaya st. 13, bld.2
December, 5, 2017 – January, 30, 2018

December, 5, 2017. 19:30
Elena Trubina (Russia) and Leo Rubinfien (USA). Memory and Mobility: Varieties of Mnemonic Practices of the Globalized Individual

December, 13, 2017. 19:30
Alexander Bikbov (Russia). Specters of the Future

December, 21, 2017. 19:30
Irina Sandomirskaya (Russia / Sweden). "On Love": restoration, melodrama, memory, anachronism

January, 18, 2018. 19:30
Teresa M. Vilarós (Spain). Spectral Trans-Interventions. Spanish Visual Art On Memory, History, and Trauma in the Age of the Post-Human

January, 30, 2018. 19:30
Sergei Ushakin (Russia / USA). Imprints of the Past: on Post-colonial Archives of Soviet Photography.

The organizers and the curator of the exhibition express their gratitude to Cultural Foundation Ekaterina and personally to its founders Ekaterina and Vladimir Semenihin for the support in the realization of the project.
Maria Kuzmina, Nataliya Bezrukova, Dasha Birukova, Vadim Chervinsky, Olga Demina, Marina Dudnik, Elena Garevskaya, Antonio Geusa, Daria Gusakova, Olga Igoshina, Olga Konstantinovskaya, Alexander Kostylev, Svetlana Kunitsyna, Pavel Luzhin, Pavel Filippovsky, Anna Fonton, Ksenia Mekhanik, Sergey Perov, Natalia Perova, Sergey Shapoval, Tatyana Shulyakovskaya, Anna Shuvalova, Nikita Sikorsky, Svetlana Tolmacheva, Ekaterina Vorontsova, Victoria Zhuravleva
artistic director of the project: Viktor Misiano
National Center for Contemporary Arts
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
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