Journey as a means of understanding
8 August 2018 at 19:30
Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
The Age of Discovery has modified the sense of self in Europeans. Their perception of the outer world was significantly changed by the newly discovered groups of people. Those were the Others.

Our understanding about diversity has since changed, but the 'cultural shock' from encountering an unknown tradition has remained. It is visible when we find ourselves in a different country or a further region of Russia. A short tourist visit can potentially enhance our understanding of the world and ourselves. We will discuss, what kind of knowledge is brought by our journeys, and how much are we influenced by that.

Stanislav Gavrilenko – PhD in Philosophy, senior lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy of MSU.
Nikolai Smirnov – geographer, artist, curator of the 'Metageography' project.
artistic director of the project: Viktor Misiano
National Center for Contemporary Arts
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
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