Migration as the way to identify oneself
1 August 2018 at 19:30
Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
The phenomenon of migration is a complicated, widespread and diversified. It is manipulated and interpreted by researchers, politicians and everyman. The experience of migration is a challendge for people who pass through it and for specialists who explores it. When one cross the boundary and find oneself in a different place, his self-perception transforms.
Desire or unwillingness to integrate into the new environment demonstrates complicated arrangement of cultural identity. The migrant status appears to be only a part of identity, which also consists of religion, race, gender, job and occupation. Now polemic about "internal migration" is getting relevant - not as moving to another place inside the country, but as a analogue of escapism. This "internal migration" often appears to be a reaction on disturbing reality.

Vadim Kozhenov – president of Russian public organisation "Federation of Russian migrants"
Haim Sokol – artist, sculptor, cultural observer
Olga Vendina – PhD in geography, leading research scientist in laboratory of geopolitical studies, Institute of geography of Russian Academy of Science.
artistic director of the project: Viktor Misiano
National Center for Contemporary Arts
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
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