Mark Raidpere
After, 2016 / Ahead, 2017
Video, sound (composer Markus Robam), 10 min
Courtesy of the artist
After / Ahead consists of two slide shows which are synchronously run on two screens accompanied by the music specially composed for this work by the Estonian composer Markus Robam. On the one screen Raidpere revives the last years, weeks, and minutes of his father's life featuring various everyday objects such as a brightly colored sofa, chessmen scattered on the chess board, fruit in a vase on the kitchen table, some clothes thrown over the various pieces of furniture, unusual wallpaper, etc. Looking at the photographs of the apartment we get the impression that life in them is moving differently, it is as if time is measured here by the objects which had lived a whole life together with the artist's father. These melancholic images of the artist's loss provide a contrast with the second part of the work in which Raidpere interviews a young couple: ordinary people who now live in his father's apartment. It is their home now, a place where they can come back in the evening to be together, as they say.

Jean Baudrillard wrote that "thanks to our homes the larger part of our memories is localized," and "people and things are closely connected as a result of which objects acquire some affective value which we call 'presence'." In After / Ahead the artist captures what he sees with his camera, and its memory seems to be more durable than human memory. He asks himself a question as it were: do things continue to be present in other people's lives, and do they keep a memory of people who used to be close to them after their departure? It remains for us to add that Raidpere's relationship with his father was a complex and painful part of his life, and he devoted many of his works to him. Therefore, After / Ahead has a special significance for the artist – this work becomes a farewell to his father, and also to the Father figure as such, as well as an important part of his own creativity.
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