Ivan Pavlov / СОН
Russia / Sweden
Untitled, 2017
Stereo sound, loop
Courtesy of the artist
Musician Ivan Pavlov uses the Russian word СОН as his stage name. He has been actively giving performances since the late 1990s and is considered to be one of the most original representatives of the experimental electronic underground. His music, mostly computer-synthetized, has a place for both humor and lyricism. From the very beginning of his career Ivan Pavlov has been working on his concept of post-pop in electronic music based on the mechanisms of sound perception which included irony regarding the impossibility of the end of popular music. Currently Pavlov experiments with the ways of creating acoustic darkness and its possible effects on the listeners' perception of it.

This time Ivan Pavlov presents his new work in which he continues to study different impacts on the audience's emotional perception. His sound installation Untitled derives from the idea of the sound as being abstract by nature but often carrying associative context and, therefore, being simultaneously non-material and plastic. This duality inherent in sound perception makes it possible to imitate so credibly the ghostly substance of a spirit/phantasm and to artificially create a sensation of anxiety and fear. As the author says, "The sound has an obvious ability to steal unobserved into the spectator's emotional world."

The sound installation Untitled, which is composed of amorphous sound fragments from different other works displayed at the exhibition The Haunted House, transforms the specters from those works into a kind of a "meta-phantasm". According to Pavlov, "Thanks to the sound the spirits/ghosts slip out of their rooms and imperceptibly accompany the visitors, either singly or in a tangle of unfamiliar combinations." These reflections of the once seen are well able not only to change human perception but also to recreate the spirits of the earlier past or even quite unconsciously affect a person's subconscious directly with the echo of something experienced long ago.
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