Irina Sandomirskaya
"On Love": restoration, melodrama, memory, anachronism
21 December 2017
Ruins of a city generate restoration; ruins of a tragedy generate melodrama. Restoration is a certain regime of historization whereby memory, trauma and desire come into contact with the lost world of material objects. Similarly to melodrama, restoration promises a consolation: the lost object will be replaced with a new encounter. Melodramatic imagination likens restoration to psychoanalysis. They have common agenda, range of problems and professional language.

IRINA SANDOMIRSKAYA (RUSSIA / SWEDEN) Professor at Södertörns University. Specialist in the 20th-century history of Russian culture, the theory and philosophy of language, critical theory and philosophy of history. Her range of scholarly interests also includes literature, cinema, questions of historical consciousness and cultural heritage. Winner of the Andrei Bely Prize for 2013 in the category of humanitarian studies for her book Verbal Blockade. Essays in Critical Theory and Bio-politics.
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